Where Were You 4 Years Ago?

November 16, 2017 0 Comments

I was huddled in the bathroom with other staff members as a tornado touched down outside our building while we were live on the air with severe weather coverage.  We dealt with 2 tornadoes that morning.  The first was Pekin. That tornado actually began on the Peoria county side of the river, then crossed the river into the city.

A few minutes after the Pekin tornado dissipated, a funnel cloud formed over Marquette Heights then a tornado touched down on Springfield road in East Peoria which was the beginning of the long lived East Peoria/Washington tornado.  The twister, which was rapidly intensifying, continued travelling through Tazewell county and hit Washington with 190 mile per hour winds.

The destruction left behind in Washington was something many of us have ever seen.  The numbers were staggering.

The East Peoria/Washington tornado covered parts of 4 counties (Tazewell, Woodford, LaSalle and Livingston).  It crossed 3 interstates (I-474, I-74 and I-39).  That day there were 25 tornadoes in Illinois and 73 in the Midwest.  The Washington tornado was the strongest tornado during November on record in the United States.

Tell me where you were and share your story.





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