Peoria is seeing warmer low temps, reports say

October 12, 2018 0 Comments

Recently, we came out of an odd, above-average pattern, and that included night-time low temperatures.
However, it goes deeper than just what we saw the last few weeks.
New research suggests night-time temps have been climbing significantly for more than 40-years.
Overnight lows have actually been on the rise by about 20 percent more than the daytime highs.

A group called Climate Central recently crunched the numbers for overnight lows, and out of 244 U.S. cities, 87% have more warm nights today than in 1970.
For most cities, they set the threshold at 65 degrees since that is the engineering standard for keeping buildings cool.

Here are the numbers for Peoria.
Since 1970, Peoria has had an average of just over 40 nights above 65 degrees.
Today, that number averages out to near 60.
That’s around 18 more nights over 65, than we had just a few decades ago.

You may be thinking “how are warmer nights affecting me?”
They could affect your health, and of course your wallet (think about your air conditioning bill.)


Experts say that could cause the bill to actually be higher, and potentially be harder on your the air conditioning system. It also impacts agriculture as the season is winding down.

As for how temperatures are climbing, meteorologists and climatologists believe earth’s temperatures go through up and down cycles, but many believe in recent years, humans have sped it up.

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