Mars: biggest and brightest in 15 years

July 29, 2018 0 Comments

The next couple of nights, you’ll see something in the sky that has not been visible since 2003.

Mars is closer to Earth than it’s been in 15 years, because we are almost to what’s called the “opposition”, where Earth’s and Mars’ rotations around the sun pass one another.

The opposition happens Tuesday, but the red planet is brightest Sunday and Monday nights.

In fact, other than Venus, Mars is the brightest planet right now (Venus is always the brightest planet in our solar system).

But wait, there’s more…Saturn and Jupiter are both big and bright right now as well, so check it out in the central Illinois southern sky.

If cloud cover keeps you from catching Mars over the next couple of nights, don’t worry, you’ll have more opportunities throughout August.

Fun fact: the opposition only happens once every two years, and Mars won’t be big and bright like thisĀ again until 2020.

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