Dryness, as simple as T-Td=Tdd.

September 30, 2017 0 Comments

The numbers prove our dryness! When we are dry or humid, a meteorological variable called Dewpoint is what we are referencing.

Dewpoint is simply an accurate representation of how much moisture is in the atmosphere. The lower the dewpoint, the drier we are; likewise, the higher the dewpoint, the more moisture that is present.

Here’s where it really gets exciting! We also look at the difference between the dewpoint and the temperature. There is an equation (explained in the graphic above) that gives us a number called Dewpoint Depression. The greater the Dewpoint Depression, the drier we are. The lower the Dewpoint Depression (the closer the dewpoint to temperature) the more moisture that is present. (A Dewpoint Depression of around a few degrees or less, generally means precipitation.)

Check out the low dewpoints we’ve been seeing.


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