Verifying This Morning’s Snowfall

November 15, 2018 0 Comments

We saw our first plowable snowfall of the season last night into this morning, and totals added up quickly for some east of the Illinois River.

This was my forecast yesterday evening. While it wasn’t perfect, overall it did do well.

The theme of the forecast was for the most snow to fall east of the Illinois River, especially along the I-55 corridor, and then totals would drop off along and east of the Illinois River. While some areas outperformed the forecast, overall it did a good job.

Here is a look at some of the top local “winners”.

Here are some other snowfall totals from across the area:

  • Pekin – 3.5″
  • Arrowsmith – 3.5″
  • Carlock – 3.2″
  • Le Roy – 3.2″
  • Morton – 3.0″
  • East Peoria – 3.0″
  • South Pekin – 3.0″
  • Bloomington – 3.0″
  • Beason – 3.0″
  • Lincoln – 3.0″
  • El Paso – 2.5″
  • Metamora – 2.5″
  • Washington – 2.1″
  • Germantown Hills – 2.0″
  • Minonk – 2.0″
  • Peoria (airport) – 1.7″

Where the forecast went wrong was two-fold, some totals exceeded the 1-3″ mark and the 2-4″ should have been further west.

Many totals, especially east of the Illinois River, hit toward the high end of the forecast ranges.

We have chances for light snow showers in the weekend forecast, but thankfully any accumulations look to be minimal and we should see totals like these this weekend.

-Chief Meteorologist Brian Walder

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