Recapping The Weather For The First Half of 2018

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Somehow, someway, we’re already halfway through the year. I wanted to take this opportunity to go back on look at the weather statistics so far this year for Peoria.

Peoria started the year with the coldest day of the year. The low temperature on New Year’s Day was an awful -16°. Overall January looked like this:

Average Temp/Departure From Average: 23.8°/-1.1°

Precipitation/Departure From Average: 1.74″/-0.04″

January also had 3.5″ of snow.


February was the one warm month this winter relative to average. However, it was a wet month relative to average and also had the most snow per month this year at 9.4″.

Average Temp/Departure From Average: 29.9°/0.4°

Precipitation/Departure From Average: 4.68″/2.89″


Winter returned and then held on for March and even parts of April. Peoria saw its biggest snowfall of the year on March 27th at 7.9″ and finished 0.1″ behind February for a monthly total of 9.3″ of snow. April was exceptionally cold compared to average.


Average Temp/Departure From Average: 38.6°/-2.0°

Precipitation/Departure From Average: 3.72″/.92″


Average Temp/Departure From Average: 45.1°/-7.2°

Precipitation/Departure From Average: 1.73″/-1.90″


The seasons reversed once we got to May, and it was easily the warmest month of the season relative to average. June was also warm.


Average Temp/Departure From Average: 71.7°/9.3°

Precipitation/Departure From Average: 4.06″/-0.27″


Average Temp/Departure From Average: 75.7°/3.8°

Precipitation/Departure From Average: 3.41″/-0.12″


The temperature trend this year has mainly been about extremes. We started near-normal, but took a dive for March and April before seeing much higher temps than average in May and June.

In terms of precipitation, for the year we are 1.48″ above average. However, this is mostly thanks to a very wet February. The last three months have all seen below average precipitation.

For the year, we’ve seen 17.98″ of precipitation. This is a little less than the 20.27″ we saw at this time last year.


So far in 2018 we’ve pretty much seen it all between big snow, extreme cold, heat waves, and both wet and dry spells. Time will tell what the second half of the year will bring!

-Chief Meteorologist Brian Walder

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