It Has Rained Billions Of Tons Of Rain In Pennsylvania This Week. Literally.

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The rain hasn’t been falling in the Heart of Illinois very much recently, so logic says it must be falling somewhere else. One of those places has been central and eastern Pennsylvania, but they have seen way too much of it.

Consistent rains dating back to the beginning of this week have left widespread floods and high water in that part of the country.

Take a look at some radar images dating back to this past weekend.

The numbers speak for themselves. Take a look at some of these rainfall totals over the past week:

  • Pine Grove, PA 15.80″
  • East Hanover, PA 14.75″
  • Grantville, PA 14.64″
  • Lavelle, PA 14.60″
  • Reinerton, PA 14.42″

When you look at some of these numbers compared to climatology, these totals are even more impressive. Some areas saw 800% time the average amount of rainfall in the past week. (Photo: @SteveSeman)

These numbers are extremely high, and the folks at the National Weather Service office in State College, PA but this rainfall into perspective. Check out these crazy comparisons.

Obviously this much water has led to flooding. One of the more famous places that has seen this flooding is Hershey Park. Yes, that’s the same Hershey as the chocolate bar.

The park had been closed for the last couple of days, but is set to reopen tomorrow, 7/27.

Here is an aerial photo from ABC News of the park.

So is there any relief in sight? Yes and no.

More rainfall is expected tomorrow and tomorrow night, but then things look to dry out early next week. However, more rainfall is expected toward the middle of end of next week.

Here are the 1-3 day and 1-7 outlooks from the Weather Prediction Center. Note how up to 1-2″ of additional rainfall is possible within the next week.

-Chief Meteorologist Brian Walder

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