Hurricane Florence Was Always About The Rainfall…. Here’s How Much Fell

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Hurricane Florence has come and gone. This past weekend and early this week it claimed the lives of over 30 people and left millions, if not billions, of dollars in damage in its wake. However this hurricane will not be remembered for its winds, but rather it’s historic flooding.

(photo: NCDOT)

Florence made landfall just north of Wrightsville Beach, NC early Friday morning as a Category 1. This storm had weakened tremendously since it reached Category 4 status earlier last week.

Although it was weaker than originally forecast, the winds were only a minor threat compared to rainfall. The storm had slowed down to almost a complete stop after making landfall, which allowed rainfall totals to add up extremely fast. At one point, the storm was only moving at 2 mph. For perspective, the average human walks around 3 mph. Technically speaking, someone could have gotten away from this storm simply by walking.

The storm lingered in the Carolinas this past weekend before moving into Virginia and eventually further northeast over the past few days.

Take a look at these ridiculous rainfall totals from Florence in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

(photo: National Weather Service)

In all, it’s been estimated that upward of 11 trillion gallons of rain fell from Hurricane Florence.

Thankfully the weather in that region is now calmer, and the recovery time for the Carolinas is short.

-Chief Meteorologist Brian Walder

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