Comfortable For Now, But Heat and Humidity Return Later This Week

June 12, 2018 0 Comments

We’ve seen some hot weather recently, but if you’re not a fan of the above average temperatures and muggy conditions you’ll likely enjoy what is coming our way over the next couple of days.

A cold front is moving through the area overnight. While this may bring with it a few stray showers, we’ll feel its effects later in the day tomorrow.

Our temperatures won’t drop tomorrow much compared to what we saw today. Actually, they should be pretty similar as highs will reach the mid 80s in the afternoon. However our humidity levels will drop significantly later in the day tomorrow. This is measured by the dew point, which is a measure of how much water vapor is in the air. Higher dew points = higher water vapor content = higher humidity.

Take a look at the difference in one of our forecast models tomorrow where dew points drop from near 70 (very muggy) to near 50 (very comfortable).

Thursday should be comfortable as well, but an area of high pressure will develop later this week to our southeast. This means that winds will switch to out of the southwest, and heat and humidity will return.

By the end of the week, our highs will be in the low 90s. Expect highs to reach the low to mid 90s this weekend, includes temps possibly near 95 for Father’s Day on Sunday.

It will likely feel about 5 degrees hotter than the actual air temperature thanks to the heat index, which combines heat and humidity for a “feels-like” temperature. Heat index values could be as high as the mid to upper 90s, possibly even near 100 for some, this weekend.

Unfortunately, there won’t be much rain to help cool us¬†off. A few showers and storms are possible late Thursday¬†into Friday, but other than we’ll likely stay dry until the early part of the upcoming work week.

It’ll be important to find ways to stay cool this weekend, but until then enjoy the brief but noticeable break from the summer heat.

-Chief Meteorologist Brian Walder

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