A Heat Trend Like No Other

August 4, 2018 0 Comments

Record heat tears through Japan’s capital. In July, temperatures hit 106 degrees just northwest of Tokyo. Living in the Midwest, you might think temperatures in the upper 90’s aren’t that impressive.

However, the hottest month in Tokyo is August, and even then temperatures typically reach around 80 degrees. In July, the city was sitting twelve degrees above average. As we look into the dangers of oppressive heat, it’s not all about the temperature. It is a combination of temperature and humidity.

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The combination of temperature and dew point is making Tokyo feel like 110 plus degrees. The dew point is sitting right near the oppressive stage, making prolonged heat exposure dangerous.


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Prolonged heat exposure will take its toll on any human body, especially those who are not exposed to the high heat frequently.


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With temperatures staying high even during the overnight hours, relief has been hard to come by. Temperatures are expected to be above average through the month of August too.


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